About Us

Brilliantly run by Sarah Fisher and Lucy Harrower.

The Cambria Choir Leaders

Sarah Fisher has been performing with Hazel O’Connor┬ásince 1996. An incredible pianist with the patience of a total saint.

Lucy Harrower has the voice of an angel, unrivalled music talent and an ability to conduct the choir under enormous performance pressure.

Together, Sarah and Lucy formed the Cambria Choir in 2011, with the intention of bringing (none auditioned) singing to the London Lambeth pub; The Cambria.

The Cambria Choir has over 50 members, ranging from Tenors to Basses and Alto 1, 2’s and Sopranos.

Based in the area of Herne Hill, Dulwich, Tulse Hil, Loughborough Junction, Brixton or any South London area and would like to join? Please do contact us now to find out more.